Motorola Programming Software RDX


I want to open a Motorola account or whatever I need to do so that I can purchase the version of the RDX CPS that will allow custom frequencies to be programmed into the radio. Has anyone done this and do you know the cost?



You can buy the programming software and radio specific programming cable from any Motorola dealer. You will have to sign a software agreement which will be sent to Motorola. They don’t want just anyone programming radios. When you say “custom frequencies” do you mean frequencies that are not standard, FCC approved frequencies? If not, the dealer should be able to program the radios a lot cheaper than you buying the software and cable.

Hi Ross! We are a Motorola dealer and carry the RDX series radios. We also offer free programming for the life of the radios. When you order the radios, give us the frequencies and we can program them for you no charge.

Thanks for sharing this info with us it is very useful for me and i am going to use it and i hope i enjoy it.

Can anyone tell me what cps (besides being dealer as i have a MOL account to purchase cps) will allow custom (fcc allowable) freqs on the RDV2080d? also would anyone happen to have one of these already programmed for MURS?

Since the release of the RDM Series of dedicated MURS radios, even the distributor version of CPS will not allow custom programming of MURS frequencies on the RDX Series radios.

Yes, I have found that already by talking to the dealers, but I have an earlier version of the public CPS from before the RDM release. So if i can find the codeplug from some place I should be able to dump it to the radio.

You might try having a dealer write you a custom code plug with the MURS frequencies using the old version of the software. Then you can dump that file into your radio (granted it is a pre-2011 model). The newer RDX radios will not program using the old version of the distributor software.