Motorola Programming Questions (RDX/XTN)


New to this, have some questions.

All Radios Motorola
6- XU2600 XTN
2- RDU4100 RDX
1- RDV5100 RDX ( I know this will never work with other radios, this will be separate question)

I would like channels 1&2 on all UHF radios to be the same, for private, in house use (campus)
Could/should the remaining channels be programmed for Public/Emergency frequencies in case of an Emergency, Natural Disaster, Terror, etc.
Will replacing antennas on RDU4100 increase range, if so what kind. (no repeater)

Can the RDV5100 be programmed to be used as a marine radio (campus on waterfront) would be used on tender. Not transmitting from land. And can it receive weather channels. Any other antenna to increase range if used for marine use.

Thank you,


I don’t have a lot of experience with the RDX series radios but I’ve worked with the XTN series a lot. The XU2600 and the RDU4100 should be able to be programmed together for channels 1 & 2 without issue.

The RDV5100 is set up to use 27 predefined business VHF frequencies so no Marine capability there. I do not believe they are weather band capable.

The RDU/XTN follow the same format and are built to only work on predefined UHF frequencies and as such unless local authorities are using one of these (highly unlikely - but possible) they will not work.

Taller antenna will always give you better range, that said nothing that you will really be able to notice.