Motorola pm400 beeps

Hello, all.
My pm400 is giving me grief. It beeps twice just after squeezing the mic button… what would cause this? How would I fix it. Thanks

This is an older radio, and we need more information. When did this start happening? When was the last time it was able to transmit? Did you make any recent changes to the radio itself or with the programming since the last successful transmission?

Its last successful transmission was made a couple days ago, before my brothers kids cleaned the truck out and pushed the buttons on it. I haven’t made any programming changes in a very long time. I can receive other transmissions, but I cannot transmit myself. As soon as I squeeze the talk button it gives 2 quick beeps but nothing else.

This radio is capable of operating in conventional and trunked mode and there are programmable keys that can be configured for a number of different functions, so it could be a few things, depending on how your radio is programmed. The most common is if it was inadvertently switched to a channel that isn’t programmed for any frequency. Some radios will beep when attempting to key up on one of those empty channels. This radio also has a phone mode and a remote kill feature, so there are several possibilities if it is used as part of a business or commercial system.

When you press the PTT, do the LED lights flash any particular pattern of color? Does any text or icon appear on the display?

When I press the PTT the red light blinks while it beeps but goes out again. Nothing out of the ordinary comes up on the display

Nothing out of the ordinary comes up on the display

Are you saying the display is blank when you press the PTT? Have you tried all the normally active channels?

No no, it’s not blank, it shows the channel as it should. The only abnormal thing it does is beeps twice, the red LED flashes once, and then its quiet again… I haven’t had a problem with it until my brothers kids pushed the buttons while cleaning it.

Good to know. What is the radio primarliy used for and on what frequencies? Is it setup for personal use in conventional mode or is it used for business as part of a trunked system? I have to ask because although this radio isn’t likely to be found on trunked systems in the US anymore as it is out of spec due to narrowbanding requirements, some other countries still use wideband for business comunications.

As I mentioned before, it could be a number of things, and without knowing how the radio was intiially set up and programmed, it could be any of them. What features and settings are configured into the programmable keys?

How many channels are programmed into it? You didn’t mention if you tried it on all the other programmed channels or just the one.

Obviously something is preventing the radio from transmitting. If it happened after someone randomly pressed a few buttons, based on what you said, something was likely enabled or disabled, or they accidentally entered the menu and altered settings. If you programmed the radio yourself, you will need to go through your configuration to find out what, if anything, has changed. If it was programmed by someone else, you may need to consult with them to try and sort it out.

Either way, something changed, and without knowing how your radio was originally configured for use, it’s kind of a wild card.