Motorola mtp850 S


I’m hoping for collective knowledge helping out here…

Motorola mtp850 S

I need an accessory, but it requires at least 50mA of power to operate.

I’m having trouble finding out the power output from the accessory port for this radio.

Can anyone help? I’ve attached pictures of the accessory port and usual connector.

Identify which Motorola M standard port is used, look up the wiring and breakout and note - where there is a +V discrete output or a phantom DC (as there will be on the mic input line), none of them will be higher than a few mA of available current at best.

So, unless you need a few (single digit level) mA worth of 5V DC, you’d be better of finding a higher current source - such as a voltage dropped parallel feed from the radio’s battery pack feed.

So go do some looking up and good luck