Motorola MT352R low volume issue

Hi community
I have two two-way radios, Motorola MT352R (NOAA version). My kids were playing with them but suddenly one of them got too low volume. I checked all configuratios, both are equal. Nothing seems to be wrong but volume is too low. However de panic alarm sounds at good and normal (loud volume). I left it without batter for a long while trying to reset it but remains the same. Any idea? Seems to be some configuration issue, maybe misspressed buttons but dont know what else to do.
Appreciate your comments, experiences or ideas on how to solve this.

Sorry to say that these radios don’t have any clever features that would cause this, so I suspect it’s a real fault, and probably one has been dropped onto a hard surface. The only thing you can really do is just double check one of the buttons is not stuck in, and this can often make them do odd things. To be fair, I’d just give the dodgy one a good rap on a hard surface and it will either unstick the button, dislodge a small plastic broken off sprig inside, or perhaps make a broken track on the PCB make contact again. It can’t really make it worse as you can’t hear anything? They’re not economic to repair I’m afraid.

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If this happened suddenly, it is likely something with the configuration changed. What icons are visible on the display of each radio? Does one have an added icon the other radio doesn’t have?

The Motorola Talkabout MT352 has a QT Noise Filter. Basically what this does is filter out unwanted noise from non Motorola Talkabout radios to make the audio transmission clear. It may be possible that if one radio has QT enabled and the other does not, it could be an issue.

It is also possible that the radio was damaged in some way as paulears said, which could also affect the quality oif the audio. However, it is most likely a configuration mismatch between the two radios.