Motorola MR356R anyone?

Any experience with this model?

Just got mine and GMRS License, yeah it’s $85 bucks and legally FCC Requires it, well worth the money, I am joining a repeater organization $ 20 bucks per year, they have repeaters were I live and all over and while traveling, I can request guest Access and permission to other repeaters in other clubs around the nation.

I will be studying to get my HAM Radio Tech License in about a month and that is only $15 bucks go figure.

I have been granted access from my club to a repeater and will be using this model soon.

Great radio for the budget minded, I use mine on camping trips, Videography shoots, and traveling.

I will give you an update on my test, so far I am really impressed, best Talk About I have ever owned.

By getting your GMRS License and call sign will open up the doors to many clubs

How do you find repeaters in your areas?