Motorola MR355R Charger Transformer Noise

Hi everyone,
New to the forum and Consumer Two Ways, and thanks for the opportunity to join the forum.

I have just bought a pair of MR355R Radios and all work fine, but the Transformer that plugs into the wall socket emits a buzzing sound.

I didn’t really notice it when I first plugged it in last night, but this morning it’s quit load. Have moved it to other sockets etc, and was wondering if anyone else had experienced a similar issue. Either with the MR355R or other Radio battery charger transformers?

Thanks in advance
Regards Greg

Hi Greg, typically this adapter should not make any noise, however there are several things that can cause the issue. Some possible causes are power, voltage or grounding issues with the outlet, interference with other devices plugged into the same circuit, or damage to the adapter cable or the adapter itself.

You said you did plug the adapter into other outlets. Are these outlets on the same or different circuits? Are there any other devices, particularly items sharing the same circuit that may operate in another phase, such as large appliances? If so, try turning off or unplugging the other devices. If the buzzing stops, it may be caused by electrical interference.

Check to make sure the outlets are properly grounded. Try plugging the AC adapter into a surge protector or battery backup. Also, try plugging it into an outlet in another building. If the buzzing stops, you may have a wiring issue.

Inspect the cable for kinks and other damage. Is the AC adapter hot to the touch? It is not unusual for an adapter to be a little warm, but if it seems hot it could be damaged and may need to be replaced.

Thanks Rick,
I actually took the set back as the noise was getting worse. I brought them from Academy here in Houston and they just replaced them.
Turns out the new set is as quiet as.
So info for other. Take them back.

Cheers Greg