Motorola MR350R

I just picked up a pair MR350R anybody elese used one what did you think. I just tested it only got about 1/2 mile range here in the city that sux I was looking for 3 to 5 mile. What is the out power of this radio is it differnet for the different channels. Can the antenna on this little hand help be replaced if so which one do you recommond.

haven’t check range on the yet (mr355’s) but I believe the frs channels will only transmit @1/2 watt, the gmrs only channels 17-22 will transmit at a higher wattage (if you press the top PTT button (legally, using gmrs channels requires an fcc license)…you may get more range with the upper channels…you can’t expect a whole lot of range in the city…which is why public safety services usually use repeater capable radios.

just to correc- I believe the higher watt channels are actually 15-22