Motorola MR350 vs. Midland 1000VP4

My wife and I enjoy cruising, and we take our Motorola talkabout T5700 to communicate when we go our separate ways on the ship. They work OK for a couple of decks, but we need radios that can penetrate more of the ships structure. I was reading some reviews on the MR350 that makes me think that set could work for us. Today I read about the Midland GXT 1000VP4 that puts out 5 watts. Both units have the same exaggerated claim of 35 miles. We barely ever use our radios, but I want something that works when I deed it to work. Can someone please give me some input?



You are correct in that they both exaggerate the range. They are both UHF radios which are what you need. I would recommend either one for what you need (they are both rather similar), though I prefer Midland.

Thanks, Jeff.
I thought the Midland would do a little better because of the 5 watts. Another feature is it being water resistant–the price is about the same. I have a sneaky suspicion I’m getting the Motorola MR350 for Christmas though. If I find out which will have more range aboard a cruise ship, I would consider exchanging one for the other.