Motorola MODCOM dispatch console

Hello everyone.I’m new to the forums so please bear with me during my learning process.I am a volunteer firefighter/EMT and my hobby is collecting and displaying vintage public safety equipment.I mainly have lights and sirens but I have recently started collecting vintage radio equipment.I have looked through most of the threads and posts and can’t find anything on this topic,especially dispatch equipment.I have aquired a vintage 70’s Motorola MODCOM dispatch console and I’m hoping to find someone who is familiar with this and maybe help me figure out how it worked and any other info that I can get.The console sat in the basement of a county comm center for a long time and it’s in need of a good cleaning and restoration.My goal is to restore it to a point where i can power it up and at least make all of the lights work.i look forward to your replies and becoming an active member of the forums.thanks

Firedog, I am looking back through my manual archives to see if I have anything on this model. Do you by chance have a picture of the console you are working with?

I hope the photos load ok.the photo of the right front is with the blank filler plates removed.Apparently this console uses cards inserted into slots.even the speakers are mounted on audio cards.Looking at the photos of the back side,the circuit boards are mounted to the back of the frame and the card connectors slide into busses on the boards.There is a 120 volt receptacle strip mounted in the back but nothing is plugged in.There appears to be a DC power supply in the middle that powers the circuit boards and cards.Thanks for any info on this console