Motorola MH230R Reception Issue

I have a pair of Motorola MH230R radios. Radio 1 works perfectly. I can transmit and receive from other radios. Radio 2 functions fine except for one key point. It won’t make sound when it receives from other radios. Let me see if I can explain this a little further.

At first I thought Radio 2 was not receiving transmissions or that the speaker no longer worked. I’ve now confirmed neither of those are correct. I can tune a weather broadcast and hear it just fine so I know the speaker is working. I can also hold down the scan/MON button to break the “squelch” on the radio and then I can hear the transmissions from Radio 1.

I’ve gone through all of the settings in the menu on both radios and confirmed that both are set up exactly the same.

Any suggestions to fix this? Thanks in advance!

It sounds like you have a PL tone or interference eliminator code assigned to radio 2 that’s filtering out the transmissions from Radio 1. You said that the settings in the menu on both radios are set up the same. Does this include the CTCSS/DCS interference eliminator codes, aka privacy codes? Be sure CTCSS/DCS codes are set to 0 on every channel. You may want to clear out the codes on both radios to test everything.

Thanks for the response Rick. I just went through and turned all the codes off on every channel on both radios. The result is still the same. The only time I can hear what is being transmitted from Radio 1 is when I push and hold the monitor button on Radio 2.

The Monitor button just opens up the squelch so you can hear whatever is on that channel. If you have to do that to hear Radio 1, chances are something is blocking or filtering out the incoming transmission on Radio 2.

If there is no CTCSS.DCS code enabled, the only other thing I can think of at the moment that could affect it Is QT noise filtering. Is QT enabled on these radios? If so, disable it. Also turn off Priority Scan, just in case.

QT is turned off. Priority scan is also turned off. Do these radios have software that can be reset? Would there be something obvious internally if I take the bad radio apart?

No, there is no reset option for these that I know of. It isn’t user serviceable, either. The MH230R was discontinued several years ago and was replaced by the T260.

Thanks for all the help Rick. I enjoy tearing things apart to see how they work so I may just do that on this radio since it doesn’t appear likely that there is anything simple I can do to fix it.