Motorola mh230 and midland gxt760 work together?

Hi people. i have 2 motorolas mh230 and my wife give me a gif (2 midlands) is possible to work together this 2 models and brand??

in the midland i receive the motorola but in the motorola doesnt received the midland. i try with the channel 5 and ctcss 25, 36, 66 and others in both but nothing is possible to solve this and have all work together??

thanks for your help

Hi, The Motorola MH230 and Midland GXT760 assign the same FRS/GMRS frequencies to the same channel numbers. However, the GXT760 has 22 additional “channels” that are just some of the same frequencies but with assigned privacy codes.

Channel 5 is the same 462.6625 frequency (shared FRS/GMRS) on both radios, but the CTCSS and DCS codes may be different. (Motorola calls them Interference Eliminator Codes.) For instance. CTCSS code 25 is assigned to frequency 156.7 on the Midland, however Motorola doesn’t publish their CTCSS codes in their user manual, so code 25 could be anything. In other words, just because you set both radios to code 25 doesn’t mean they are actually using the same code frequency. In fact, it is very likely they are different.

If you are sure both radios can transmit effectively and can hear the MH230 on the GXT760 but you cannot hear the GXT760 on the MH230, the issue is likely caused by the assignment of a privacy code on the Motorola that prevents it from hearing the Midland.

To properly troubleshoot the issue and confirm both radios are operating properly, clear out all privacy codes on both radios and set them to the same channel.