Motorola lcs 2000 problem

I LCS 2000 MOTOROLA device used (except GTX model ) . The device operates UHF frequencies in the range 450-470MHZ (+, -). Most devices in this model work in the areas of 800- 900MHZ , but Motorola has also issued UHF devices this model , it is almost impossible to find them online references .
The device was dismantled when the vehicle is in good condition and working. When I install it I found that the command panel removable gone. I ordered a new one for this model , but the device refuses to work . When I turn it on ( by connecting 12V ​​to the pin No. 10 in addition to rear tension device ) just so that it turns on , I found a list which uses a rear pins .
In short the device turns on , but shows something strange view ( see photo ) , does not give a pass -band and do not click on any button. Importantly, the device is not playing beep when it turns on and even unidentified computer when it is connected with a cable and appropriate burning software .
The device above is very important to me and I’m trying to figure out what went wrong and fix it.
Does anyone have an idea?
There is a need to connect more rear pin for use ?

I found some explanations following link (although the page refers to models 800- 900MHZ , it’s the same device ) :