Motorola HT600e, Any Good?

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I have bought 2 Motorola HT600e radios and they are EX Police and they have a 2 watt output. I was wondering what type of range will i get? I mean if police used them they must be robust and have a nice range.

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With two watts of power, they’re going to be similar in range to the Motorola XTN XU2600 or a Kenwood TK3200. You’ll likely get 1-2 miles in urban conditions and 3 miles or more in more open terrain.


Thanks Danny

As soon as they arrive in the post I will do a few tests and report back. Also i have a pair of midland GXT700 and if you need a review for it I would do it.

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I would be delighted to hear your feedback on the Midland GXT700, and the HT600e’s as well once you receive them.


Ok ive had my midlnd for two months, So where would you like me to post the review( don’t want it in wrong place)


You can drop it in the “Consumer (FRS/GMRS) Radios” forum. If you don’t mind, give it a title like “Midland GXT700 Review” so it’s easy for people to find.

Thanks again.


Police go thru repeater systems. This extends their range. Point to point, without a repeater, you’ll still have extremely limited range.