motorola gp340 not comunicating

Hi im a first timer with 2 way radios so this may seem like a daft question to some of you but here goes. I recently purchaced second hand some radios all are motorola some different models i have 5 GP340 and 1 GP344. THe problem i have is that only 2 seem to comunicate whth each other the oters dont seem to pick up the signal from the others they are all sett to the same channel how can i make them all be in sync. thanks.
P.s I allso have a usb cable to connect them to a pc.

I understand your fustration, did you read the owners manual?

Unfortunately - what you do not understand is that each individual two way radio needs to be programmed to be on the same frequency, using the same tones, and if on the buisness band, also requires some type of buisness license to operate.

You will also need programming software to change the frequencies.

Your best bet is to find a two way radio shop and have them programmed to your authorized frequencies.

Motorola GP 340 -

hi thanksfor the reply. yes i have downloaded and read the manual for the radios but dont know what software i need. The company i work for have the necersery licence i just need to know what software i need and how to program them if you can posibly help me with that i would be greatfull.

I believe the CPS for the GP340/GP344 is ‘CPS R03.11.06’ you will have to contact an Authorized Motorola dealer to purchase the software. If will be cheaper/take the radios to a dealer to get them programmed up!

Hope this helps!