Motorola GM340 UHF

Hi, I have a Motorola GM340 UHF, it works very well, but the Channel Red light, tge first of tge 4 Leds channel s indicatirs, its off.
Never powrr up, and all all the other leds on the top indicate the Tx …and others ll ok.
Just the channel 1 Led never turns On… in fact just have 1 channel programmed its a reapeater.
Have tried to change the Front of radiobwith board and everything, but is the same, so …its not a Led damage problem!!
Cant see in programming nothing to turns on that channel indicator Led, it should be Red like the other 3 channel leds.
The other radio shows it on normaly, using his front in the radio problem… it does same, dont power up tge Led.
Can anyone help me in this?