Motorola GM340 UHF

Hi, I have a Motorola GM340 UHF, it works very well, but the Channel Red light, tge first of tge 4 Leds channel s indicatirs, its off.
Never powrr up, and all all the other leds on the top indicate the Tx …and others ll ok.
Just the channel 1 Led never turns On… in fact just have 1 channel programmed its a reapeater.
Have tried to change the Front of radiobwith board and everything, but is the same, so …its not a Led damage problem!!
Cant see in programming nothing to turns on that channel indicator Led, it should be Red like the other 3 channel leds.
The other radio shows it on normaly, using his front in the radio problem… it does same, dont power up tge Led.
Can anyone help me in this?

Obviously You have access to programming software?

  1. Download Your radios parameters to the file (backup)
  2. Download parameters from other radio that works
  3. Upload those parameters to Your radio.

If the led works it is parameter problem, if not You have problem with Your hardware.