Motorola GM300 Rear Pins /internal speaker

Have a gm300 with 5 pins on the back How do I get the internal speaker to work

this might help Looks like Pins 1 and 16 for external speaker.

Hi thanks for the info /I know the pins on the 16 pin but not the 5 pin thats where im stuck do you have any info abt the 5 pin radio

you can always use a VOM or any external speaker and pin it out yourself. That is how I would try to do it if information is not available.

Had a Radio Tech help me a bit … And I took the cover off and found that that Model requires An Internal
Speaker wire and my radio was missing this. I found the right plug for the connection inside the radio and
soldiered the other end to the speaker and all works now… :grin: :grin:
Thanks for the help Everyone
Allan B

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