Motorola EP 450s


I have a GP300 VHF with the frequencies of my fire dept here in Lima, Peru. This radio has the “selective calling” programmed for my station when dispatch sends us an emergency alert. This function allows the radio to be in a “silenced mode” and when my station recieves a call, my GP only transmits the selective call and the dispatchers emergency message (type, address, units etc) Recently, I bought a EP 450s and when I took it to the technician that checks the radios for the guys in my station, he told me that my EP could have the selective calling system but cannot be in “silenced mode” which means that if I have my EP on I will have to be listening to all stations callings in Lima, when I only want to have the radio on but in “silenced mode” with the selective calling activated.

This guy also showed me that the two buttons of the radio (tone and scan) cannot be asigned to be “selective calling mode” like the buttons in my GP. Is that true? The EP doesnt have a “silenced mode” for selective calling?

I would appreciate very much your help, since here there isn´t a lot of tech support for this devices.

Greetings from Peru


This is the reason why you should only buy radios from your two way dealer and not direct.

Yes you get the radio cheaper - but you do not get the technical service - support you would get by buying it from a dealer.

The dealer is right - there is no way to change it, a flower has to bloom where it is planted.

If you do not like the limited options of the EP 450 - then sell it and buy a radio off of your dealer that will do what you want it to do.

I don’t think this was the proper forum to post this problem in - since we do not use amateur radio’s in the public service sector.

We do use here any type of radio in the public service. Our government doesnt have the resources to give us all the professional and necesary equipment. We are volunteer firefighters and most of the time, we have to buy our own equipment with our own money. So some guys have radios, some guys dont, some guys have good ones, some have cheap ones. It’s a different reality Tower Tech. Thanks anyway for your answer.

Anyone else? I appreciate it

That radio is not rated for use in the fire service.

The temperature on the outside of a man’s uniform can usually reach 500F + while fighting a fire and can reach 1500F during a flash over.