Motorola EM1000 with RDX series radio

My kids have a set of EM1000 radios and I have a RDU 4160d that I use for work. Is there any way to get these 3 radios to talk to each other?

I see where you can change the frequencies for the RDU, but I dont see any that are the same as the frequencies the EM1000’s use.




Can’t find the FCC ID for the 4160, but since it was purpose-designed for specific, fixed business frequency use, it almost certainly is not type accepted for use in GMRS, and therefore can’t be legally used for GMRS.

Even if it does happen to be type accepted for Part 95 (GMRS), you would have to get a GMRS license ($85 for 5 years, covers the whole family) to use it.

If you can provide the FCC ID# for the 4160, I may be able to look it up and determine for sure. Motorola has a few too many ID’s for me to pick it out.

If you can tell me where to find a list, I will be more than happy to look up whatever information you need.

Also, after scanning through the fine print in the manual I found a line about custom frequencies: …“can be programmed to have custom frequencies in the UHF range 438-470 MHz.” However, they dont tell you how to program the custom frequencies and I cannot find any info on web.

In comparing the default frequencies charts for the two radios, I have noticed that the two radios appear to work in the exact same ranges, but one number is off. For instance, the Talkabout works on 462.5875 / RDX 462.4875. Seems like you should be able to flip that one bit somehow.

Again, thanks for the help in sorting this out.