Motorola DP3600 programming

Hi, I hope this hasn’t been covered elsewhere, I couldn’t find anything.

I am trying to program some DP3600 radios for my workplace.
I have the registered frequencies and the settings from the current radios we have which are Vertex EVX-534.
We use 2 digital channels and 1 analogue.
I can get the analogue to work but am having trouble with the digital.
After many hours of trial and error I have managed to get the digital working, but I can only transmit once the radio has received a call from one of the Vertex radios.
Once the channel is quiet for a few seconds the PTT button locks.
Attempting to transmit results in a dull tone from the Motorola speaker.
If I transmit form the Vertex I can reply with the Motorola, I just can’t start the conversation with it.

I have disable all security and privacy options.

I’m sorry this is so long but I like to give all of the information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

CPS Version 16 (Build 823)
Firmware R01.07.02

OK, so I have finally solved it.
I had a private contact selected in the TX for ‘contact name’ instead of the group contact.