motorola dp3400 need help please

today i turned on my dads motorola dp3400 stations and tryd to understud how all buttons work(no user manual).i pressed some buttons and a led started flashing.i didnt know how to stop it and to make the it to work again.i removed the battery and then the radio didnt turned can i fix it?help me pls,ill get problems with my dad:(.thx.

There is a neat little thing called the internet.

Most times, all you have to do is type in - Motorola dp3400 user manual and hit enter, and you will get all the user information you want.

Unfortunately those days seem to be gone.

People has cell phones now and they confuse the technology between the two.

Most newer professional grade - PLMRS radios has a lock out feature to keep out unwanted people. If lost or stolen, they can be disabled.

Taking out the battery might work for a cell phone, but sometimes does more damage to a transceiver.

i dont have a pc to read ps vita platform cant read pdf formatt…but i was on my friend pc and in manual i cant find a way to fix it(restart button.)maybe is damaged and rdy for trash? :frowning: thx for reply