Motorola DP1400 continuous low tone

I have a pair of DP1400 2 way radios but channel 6 to 16 on both radios just gives a continuous low tone.

The radios are not being used I’m just merely checking they work.

The manual states the different tone alerts but not what they are for or why ( so you could work out how to turn them off)


You mean when you turn the channel selector to 6 and above they make the tone through the speaker, rather than at the other end? I’d suspect they’re simply not programmed and the radio is warning you they’re empty.

Could be I think you are right user manual is a little vague regarding that, wasn’t sure if they were pass code protected.

Does the number of channels used determine license required?


The licence often is just a single channel. Here companies might program all the available ones, but it’s common to just have one channel that is on your licence, although now you might have channel one as the old analogue system and then the same frequency on 2 on digital. This happens when people add radios one by one - once complete, you stop using channel 1 and move to 2. These are dealer programmed. Some people have managed to get their version of the CPS so they can program them themselves but Motorola have always made this very difficult.