Motorola CP040 2 radios but 1 not receiving talking

Hi everybody bit of a newbie here, but I bought 2 Motorola CP040 radios and 1 charger and have them going, 1 will transmit to the other but it wont transmit back if I talk, if I blow into it you can hear the blowing but no talking any ideas? Thank you

Hi Nics,

Welcome. Let me start by admitting I don’t know anything about that model radio and the quick search I did wasn’t much help. The first thing I would do is separate the radios when testing them. If you have both of them within several feet of each other that can cause various issues. Are the radios capable of ctcss or dcs codes? That might be a place to start. Do you have software to see how they are programmed? They may have something set up differently from one another. Not much help, I know, but there are a lot of smart folks here. Hopefully they will chime in.

Thanks for responding but as a newbie don’t think it has codes just plain walkie talkies, don’t have software either cross fingers someone out there will help me
Thank you, Nics

Bit more info
Did what ipokebadgers went into room downstairs and was able to hear but it was very faint but if you blow into it it’s right volume level???
Thank for any help

If the radios were from the same source, the thought I have is the tiny access port for the microphone is blocked. This was common with some Kenwood radios, where the mould had bloom around the tiny hole and a pin was needed to open it up on a few radios.

Thanks had a look and even took them apart all clear still same problem
Have ordered a lead to have a look at setting on both radios but will have to wait awhile as its coming from China, plus I can get a lend of a radio to see if that will work with them both
Thank you
I anybody else has any input I would be grateful for any info
Thanks again, Nics

Sadly borrowing others is futile. These are commercial radios so they will normally have private and different frequencies and tones. If you find an identical one it’s almost guaranteed to not work with yours. Getting the cable and software will be the first stage. Software is now very tricky for Motorola, they’re getting very protective.

Thanks again, Yes your right got the exact same model but they didn’t connect to mine just have to wait on cable. Thanks, Nics.