Motorola CommandStar Console

Does anyone here have any experience or know anything about the Motorola CommandStar series consoles? I have the CommandStar non lite version, the version that has the small ceb that’s about the size of a small tower computer. I have looked all over the internet and information on these thing are scarce to nonexistent. I even tried to contact Motorola and CML both, naturally I got the “no longer supported” and “contact Motorola, we only oem’d the console and do not provide support”. I even tried to purchase the CSDM software that you got to have to change anything other then the few things that can be changed via the menu, and they don’t even sell it anymore, they don’t even sell the install and tech manual for it anymore. The only CommandStar they will somewhat support is the Lite version, the self contained one, and even that support is limited to manuals that I found in resource center on MOL and the programming cable is the only item that can be purchased. All the other items like the software and such are there but show “this item has been deleted” out to the side and even calling Motorola wont help. I looked through to lite version manual but this console is completely different compared to the non-lite version.

Main questions I have are: Where and how can I purchase the CSDM software still? What are the East and West serial ports on the back for? What port on the rear do I use for the programming ( back of console ceb has Com1,Com2,Com3, East,West, and several other I/O ports but no port listed as CSDM like the CS Lite)? And does anyone have any words of wisdom or other helpful tips/tricks.

Any help would be appreciated greatly! I would really like to get this thing back up and running, right now its useless to us as all it does is look pretty and say Bootstrap on the lcd.

73’s Will

Still have it?