Motorola cm360 new to the forum

I’m new to the site and would like to learn a bit from more experienced users, I’m from the North East of Scotland and use my Motorola CM360 on motorsport events, I also have a handheld Vertex Standard handheld.

Welcome - what sort of things are you doing with them, motorsport wise? Not a very commonly chatted about radio area? I smiled sadly because I’m in Suffolk and the only motorsport here is tractor dodging on B roads.

I am a member of my local car club (63 car Club Elgin) the radios are used for safety on closed road, single venue and multi stage events, we have a contact with a main control that all safety messages are passed to, the radios control there post (which would be a junction in the middle of a special stage) and note the car numbers as they pass along with the time, if a car goes missing or overdue and should have passed your post the radio op would alert control who would then start going back through the stage asking the radio crews if and when it passed them to find out if they’re okay or need to stop the stage to send in rescue if needed.
Through the car club we cover all of the Scottish rally championship but also travel as far as the North of England to help cover safety on other events. This is all done on a voluntary basis.

I’m also into motorsport events up here in North East Scotland. Using my Motorola CM360 keeps things running smooth. Got a Vertex Standard handheld too. Any tips or tricks for this gear?

I have had the radios for about 10 years, other than that it helps to know what’s going on at rallies even if I’m not a radio marshal on the day, do you use your radio on events ?
The only thing I have done is hard wire the power supply, I only use a mag mount but it seams to work fine, only thing is the radio cable is just fed through the door which likely isn’t the best but been okay up to now.
I have had a bit of a problem last weekend with my CM360 when calling in a car broken down beside me when starting to speak it sounded like the sound was coming back through my own unit giving rearlly bad feedback noise and only sending out a very poor signal, I have 2 mag mounted aerials and tried my second one thinking the cable maybe damaged but still the same, is that anything you have heard of ?

That’s usually when the radio is too close to the antenna and the screening in the mic cable fails, so it really is feedback - the RF gets into the mic cable. Test it by bunching up the mic cable and temporarily wrapping the bundle in som cooking foil to reduce the RF field - you have to get close to the radio to speak into it of course. If the feedback reduces, it’s the cable - so a repair or new mic is the usual solution. Temporarily moving the antenna and reducing power helps too.

I will try that thanks, will try moving the aerial and the foil, if it turns out to be the mic will get one ordered, the handheld one is fine when on flat open ground but the rallies normaly are in the middle of woods.

New mic ordered, hope it will arrive strart of the week