Motorola CM200 programming

I have recently purchased 15 CM200’s for my tow truck company. I was wondering what is needed to program these radios and how to program them.

a cable is required and the program…cheaper to send in to someone nearby to program them. I can help with where to send if this is the option you decide. There are plenty of places that do it cheap. Program requires licensing from Moto.

Yes, having them programmed by a radio shop or dealer is usually cheaper than purchasing the the software and cable.
To program the CM200, you need Motorola Commercial Series CPS, available from Motorola for $299. This is the only authorized place to purchase the software and Motorola is very strict about illegal software. The cable can be found online, on eBay, or from Motorola for fairly cheap $20-50.

Let me know if you want to send them out to be programmed