Motorola CLS1410 Stopped working

I have a few Motorola CLS1410 business radios here at work, and they aren’t transmitting or receiving any communication, I’ve reset and reprogrammed them. Whenever the PTT is depressed it just gives a constant buzzing noise that doesn’t sound like interference or feedback (to my knowledge). The antennas look to be in perfect condition without pulling the radios apart. I just want to know if there’s a way to fix them, or if they just need to be replaced.

When you say they are buzzing, do you mean the single radio buzzes when you press the PTT? Or do you mean that on a good working radio, the dodgy one is sending a buzz you here when you listen on the good one, or do you mean the dodgy radios hear a buzz when good ones hear a voice? Very different things. You need to establish with the good ones, if the problem is on the dodgy one’s transmit or receive. Did they all go faulty at the same time or one at a time? Are you sure somebody hasn’t been fiddling and reprogrammed them badly? They can have frequencies changed and tones changed, but this shouldn’t make them buzz?

So we do have multiple good radios, and my first step in troubleshooting was to test them against each other. I also made sure to test all 4 channels, ensuring frequency and privacy code matched, which didn’t change anything. The faulty ones I’m currently trying to resolve were made in 2018 and 2020. They don’t transmit or receive anything. I factory reset them, and reprogrammed them to see if something was changed in some internal settings that aren’t immediately apparent. The 2018 radio went out about 2 weeks ago, and I found out about the 2020 radio yesterday. I’m assuming something with the internal hardware has just wore out, and they just need to be replaced at this point, but I’m hopeful that there’s some other option that I’m unaware of.

Failure on receive and transmit is quite rare and usually a failure in the antenna area maybe they’ve been stopped? If you put a good radio very close in can you hear the good radio?

So I just tested that; the screen shows that there’s a signal, but no audio is coming through, even though the speakers work, because that buzzing comes from the radio’s speaker. Would an antenna failure cause it to have a buzzing/humming sound when the PTT is engaged?

Unlikely - I suspect they’ve taken a hefty drop. They’ll need opening up to fix.

If I need any parts (ex. motherboard, ptt button, etc) is there any good place to purchase those from, or how would you recommend going about fixing them if there’s anything physically broken inside?

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