Motorola CLS 1413 (1410) Earpiece accessory

Good morning all,

My company has about 40 CLS 1413 radio’s deployed across 3 retail locations. Originally we purchased a number of “swivel earpieces hook with inline PTT mics” (RLN6423A / 52730). We purchased earpieces for all employees (around 100 or so), so they did not have to share earpieces with people.

As new employees came on, we purchased more. Our supplier moved to new versions, HKLN4604.

I’ve had to return over 20 of them a few for warranty replacement since last March. Nearly all of them are for “no transmit” problems, generally it seems the inline PTT button stops working.

I’m wondering if anyone has experience with these radios and can recommend a more robust accessory similar to the linked earpiece. I guess one with a better PTT button?