Motorola CDM1250 Program

Hey guys im new to the whole 2-way radio thing. I was wondering how I set up my radio if I have a specifate frequency I want to use.If you guys can help me that would be great

I initially missed the title of the thread. This is a Motorola CDM1250? This business radio supports Low Band, VHF or UHF. The specific frequencies you use depend on which frequencies you are licensed for by the FCC.

Here is more information about Industrial/Business Band licensing.

For more information about business radios, listen to The Two Way Radio Show TWRS-02 - An Introduction To Business Radios.

Definitely need more information. Bear in mind you require a license on all services you wish to use this radio on! You cannot simply program it on some random frequency and talk.

Let us know how and what for you are using it on…