Motorola CDM 1550 LS ** Error ** Help

Picked up a used Motorola CDM 1550 LS and when I turn it on I get an Error on the screen showing
( EEPRM-CS ERROR ) with 1 Beep… Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this error Or??

If this occurred after an attempted programming with connected computer, try a complete factory reset, connect computer and download the configuration from radio to computer and then start the modifications all over again.
Only clue I have to offer. Good luck!

Thank You O-B-1
Could you by any chance tell me how to factory reset I was reading the service manual and users manual looking for the reset procedure and have not come across it yet… As for the radio it has the error on the screen when I turn it on… Did hook up for programming but got another Cannot Read Error so here I am still researching and asking questions
Thanks Again
Allan B