Motorola BPR40 question


I’m using a pair of Motorola BPR40 for racing purposes and I’m experiencing a lot of earbuds problems.

Every earbuds I try got blown (speakers) by the radio at one point during the race. It is really hard for me control volume since I don’t have access to the radio while I’m driving.

Any idea why when are killing the earbuds? Cheap ones?

Volume, usually. Normal earbuds expect all the power fed to them to be hifi quality, not narrow band comms with clicks pops and blasts of interference, so when the level is turned up, they tend to fail. More expensive ones do too, but less often.

I agree. What are you using for earbuds?

If you are using “earbuds” as you describe, we suspect that they are not proper two-way radio earpieces, and you might be using earpieces not designed for two-way radio usage.

While the BPR40 is a good radio, it is on the low end of commercial radios. It only outputs 1/2 watt of audio output, and trying to use consumer earbuds designed for iPods is going to blow them quickly.

In our race car, the driver always used proper ear plugs. Good quality surveillance-type headsets will come with an assortment of ear plugs that will block outside sounds and allow the use of clear radio communications. You then simply use a proper ear plug in the other ear.

There are many headset solutions that will work under a helmet. I like the surveillance style because the plug they come with blocks all sounds except the radio. You then simply use a standard ear plug for the other ear. They can be worn for many hours, unlike many of the other headsets that get irritating after a few hours. Check out the headsets on our forum hosts buytwowayradios dot com. You can even get earmuff-style headsets that are made for racing crews.

Thanks for the awnsers, I’m in fact using skullcandy basic earbuds but would like to upgrade to something else if they aren’t supposed to be used with two way radios.


Research musicians in-ears. These seal brilliantly as on stage volume can be ear shattering, and they’re comfy too. The ones I use needed an impression of my ear canals, and they seal the best. They’re not cheap though. Mine, not including the moulds cost be nearly ?500, but you can buy cheaper ones that are pretty good - you will need to make an interface box though, as they have 3.5mm plugs!