Motorola Axv5100 Radio

Is There Anyone Who Has These Radios ? How Well Do They Operate ?

The Motorola AXV5100 radios provide a lot of power and great sound quality. Battery life is typically around 8 hours (at high power). Typical outdoor range is 2 to 4 miles, but could be more or less depending on the terrain.

How do you plan to use the radios?


I Am A Land Surveyor. I Have 2-sp21’s, Cp100, And A Kenwood 2200 They Are 1 Watt And 2 Watt Radios. Communication Varies.we Work In Varying Terrian And Distances, Housing Tracts, Bussiness Areas.

As a 5 watt radio, the Motorola AXV5100 is going to deliver more range than the radios that you are currently using.

In ideal conditions, you will usually see range double when wattage is quadrupled. For example, a 4 watt radio would have double the range of a 1 watt radio. Because of terrain and other obstructions however, it is rare that you would be able to take full advantage of the additional wattage.

With the AXV5100, I expect that you would see a 20%-30% improvement in range over your current two watt radios, such as the Kenwood 2200.


Does this radio work off repeaters.

Yes, the Motorola AXV5100 can be programmed to work with a repeater. When you purchase, just be sure to specify the frequencies and PL codes that need to be programmed (for both transmit and receive).