Motorola AXU4100 suitable for use on FRS/GMRS?


I see on your website that the Motorola AXU4100 can be programmed to operate within 435MHz and 480MHz, so does that mean it can operate on FRS/GMRS frequencies, or does Moto disable that kind of functionality?

The whole idea behind this is to have FRS available immediately, GMRS upon receipt of license(s), and possible business use in the future. The sound quality and availability of accessories is why we’re willing to pay +$230/unit for what, right now, amounts to recreational use.

Also, I see that there is an option to specify frequencies when you order the radio. Is there an extra charge for that? What if we want to change the assignments in the future? Is there more software/hardware to buy, or can we send the unit(s) back to you?


  • Charlie

… or, would I be better served using the VHF version (AXV5100) and using the MURS frequencies?

Thanks again,

  • Charlie

no, those radios are not legal for use on FRS. All FRS and GMRS equipment must be type accepted for use on those frequencies. You may be able to operate legally on GMRS, as commercial equipment in many cases is authorized. Also, remember, a license is required for GMRS use.

We can program the Motorola AXU4100 for GMRS frequencies but, as jwilkers pointed out, we cannot program them for FRS frequencies. The AXU4100 violates some of the restrictions for the FRS channels, specifically the power (they are two watts minimum) and they have a removable antenna.


As far as MURS, it is definitely a good option especially since it is license free. How are you going to be using the radios? Since MURS is only for VHF frequencies, it is a great choice if you are planning to use the radios outdoors. If you need the radios to work indoors/outdoors, or indoors only, UHF frequencies (such as with GMRS) would work better.

I wouldn’t recommend the Motorola AXV5100 for MURS. With MURS, you are limited to two watts of transmit power so the 5 watt AXV5100 would be overkill. I would suggest the Motorola XTN XV2100 or the XV2600, depending on the number of channels you require. These models are also setup right out of the box to work on MURS frequencies.