Motorola APX vehicle radio in the building

I’m wanting to get a Motorola APX car radio, but I wanted it inside the building. How do I do that with a radio base power station. And what do I need I know that you can bring this kind of radio inside instead of in your vehicle.

You would need to power it, 12-13 volts and sufficient current. Then connection to an antenna.

What device do I need to power the radio

You need a power supply, something like this.

You’ll need a basic 12V, 15A supply (20A is more typical). Samlex makes some models which fit the 1225 supply with an enclosure for various radios (Spectra/Astro/Astro25/APX and XPR, etc) just as an example. You’ll also need an antenna system of some sort, depending on what you are wanting to listen to I can recommend different things.