Motorola APX 6000. Is anyone familiar?

I have a Motorola APX 6000 handheld radio. Very nice new model with IMPRES 2 battery and bluetooth and GPS etc. It is just the handheld radio and belt clip. I do not have the charger or additional microphone. I am unfamiliar with this radio and attempting to learn more about it.

This is a P25 public service radio, meaning you cannot transmit legally on any frequency unless you are the holder of a licence for that particular frequency. The radio also has the capability to kill all functions remotely if stolen.

Your radio is therefore possibly stolen.

Considering you didn’t get a charger for it, I would suggest this may be the case. Return it to the place you bought it from. They may have sold you a stolen radio, but even if not, it is essentially useless for anything right now.

I didn’t buy it. I found it. I found it quite literally, under a bush downtown in a large metropolitan city. To date, I cannot find the original owner. Inside the radio (with the battery out) there’s a tiny silver sticker that says “department of ITS”. I’ve searched department of ITS and cannot find anything. There are no other markings or inscriptions on it anywhere. I don’t live in the city I found it in. I’ve spent a week trying to figure out what to do with it. I feel as though I’ve come to the end of what I can do for due diligence. That’s my quandry. I realize it is a quite nice radio. I hate to just toss it in the trash. I will continue to figure out how to find it’s owner, If I cannot find the original owner is it worthless and trash can fodder?.

The APX 6000 is a Public Service radio, used by police, fire and other city services. The sticker likely indicates it is maintained by the city’s Information Technology Services department. If you look up the name of the city in which you found it and contact their IT department, you should be able to locate the agency and/or user to whom that radio was issued. Some versions have GPS. They may be looking for it.

You found a two grand radio under a bush, have no programming software, and have no idea about the radio. I’d guess they’ve remote killed it already. A battery charger is going to be more than you have any idea. Hand it in to the Police and do the honest thing - it’s totally useless to you.