Motorola 2 Pin connector questions

I am looking to see if anyone is able to help me out with covert earpiece issues.
I am an SRO at a school in which the staff of the school uses Motorola CP200d radios. I have used various mic\earpiece combos for years but they do not last very long due to shorting out where the wire bends back downwards at the pin connector. I keep the radio on my belt and the wire runs back down into my uniform shirt and then back up behind my shirt to my ear and shirt collar area.

I just found a 2 pin Motorola male to 2 pin Motorola female adapter online that may help to keep the strain off of the wire at the plug. However, I was wondering if there was a product that had the 3.5mm and 2.5mm posts reversed so that when used the wire would be running down instead of up. I even thought about trying to repair a few of the old earpieces that I have but can’t find replacement plugs to be used. (This may be out of my ability if the wires are shielded etc.)

Any help or tips would be appreciated!!



Adapters just compound the problem or add unneeded complication and failure points. Here are my suggestions instead.

  1. Loop the wire across the top of the radio and then underneath the belt clip then up your shirt. This takes the strain off the connector.

  2. Buy good quality surveillance earpieces. There is a difference. Our hosts at buytwowayradios have some great quality ones that will last years. Buy extra ear tubes because they crack with wear. Simply replace the clear plastic ear tube every few months if you wear them every day like I do.

  3. Throw away the ear plug that comes with the surveillance headset and get ear molds instead. (Sometimes called earloops.) They are MUCH more comfortable and don’t block the ear canal so you can hear ambient sound just fine. They are inexpensive. Pick whether you prefer left or right ear, and the correct size. (Men are usually medium and ladies are usually small.)

Here’s a tip. I buy a dozen ear molds at a time in various sizes and give them away to my colleagues as a gift.

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