Moto DP1400 - Help

Thanks for having me here.

I’m needing a bit of help and always find forums a great start.

I have a set (6) DP1400 radios, these were previously used for business by the first owners. They seem programmed only to one channel and work flawlessly with each other.
I want to be able to return them to factory or (default) settings if there is such a thing.
Can anyone advise if this is possible without sending back to a moto distributor.
I’m fine with software on pc if thats whats needed, looking to make this is as pain free (cost neutral) as possible.

Thanks for any help.

Hamfiles is a good source of the software, and you will need to buy cables. There isn’t really a manufacturers/factory setting, because that’s totally empty. Motorola protect their software quite actively, so when you get the software, you can programme whatever you need/have a license for. What do you want to do with them?

Hi Paul
Thanks for taking the time.
I want to use them for connecting with other radio users on annestate that I shoot on.
Is it possible to pgm these for the channels (pr446) I think it is?
The guys just use free two way radios.
Also, if possible I’d like to add in a private channel that matches some of the other guys I know but not sure of the frequency they use.

If you had the time, Id appreciate if you could link me to the software Id need, Im good at finding my way around stuff once I have the right tool.
Im really green when it comes to these radios though.

Thanks again - youve been a great help so far.

Well they’re a bit of a waste to use on PMR446.

This will get you going.

Don’t forget that technically,using these on the PMR446frequencies is illegal, but I doubt anyone would notice. You could use the digital channels in 446 if you wanted for virtually secret comms.

Again, thanks - I’ve looked at this site and I’ll need to earn the points to download the software.
Once I can look at the software I’ll know more about what the flexibility is on the radios.
I can’t do a scan or adjust squelch or anything like that right now, I’m guessing since they were used in a close circuit workplace they were locked down a bit as the need for scanning etc was not there.
Can’t promise I won’t have some more questions but I appreciate your help so far.

Closed, because operating of radios on the frequencies indicated by the OP are illegal.