More mobile/ergo solution?



I work at a large food processing plant as a shortening/oils processor. My responsibilities have me walking from one end of the plant to the other several times a night with specialty tools and usualy a torch. Due to safety concerns I am required to have a radio with me at all times. I currently pack around with a Motorola PR400, as well as most of the other employees required to have one. I have recently started to have back pains and my DR. suggested that I get as many of my tools out of my pockets as possible. And notice a big diffrence when I have my radio and when I don’t.


Is there any other radio that is small/light weight that would be compatible with my companys system? If so, what do I need to know as far as programing or what not.

Thanks in advance,


A Motorola RDX series radio, like the RDU4160 is probably ideal for your scenario. This model is lighter than typical business radios because of the lithium battery and it can be programmed to work with conventional systems. To confirm that it would work, we would need to know what frequencies your company is using, including repeater frequencies if a repeater is being used.