Monitoring Two Channels

Hi all, new user here with first post.

Can any suggest a model of cheap two way radio that can actively monitor 2 channels at the same time?

If you need me to elaborate on why we need to do this please just let me know

There are many inexpensive amateur (ham) radios with what they call a dual-watch function. You would of course need to be licenced for ham operation.

There are some high end GMRS radios with dual-watch function, such as the Wouxun KG-935G, but they are not inexpensive. If you are in the U.S., you will need an inexpensive GMRS licence to operate them.

In the unlicenced FRS line, you would have to go up to the Motorola T605 to get dual watch capability.

Look for radios that have dual display, as it is hard to monitor two frequencies at once if you only have a single display.

I believe BaoFeng UV50 R and BaoFeng BF-F8HP can monitor 2 channels I prefer BF-F8HP both available on Amazon very reasonable

Both of these radios require an amateur radio license to transmit with. While OP mentioned listening, I can assume that as he’s requesting info on a transceiver, he intends to also transmit.