modification of any motorola frs to semi duplex

is it possible to modify any motorola frs radio to transmit on z 462, mhz and receive on z 467, mhz or vise versa

in some of motorla frs radios we have vhf weather channel , is it possible to receive on vhf and transmit on uhf

I can safely say absolutely NOT in either case.

WHY would you want to do this anyway???
There are perfectly good ham radios that will do cross band repeating. Do you have an amateur license?

[i] dont have access to purchase ham radio and I wish to extend my frs to be used in conjunction of a repeater


Sorry, aside from the fact that it would be illegal, it CANNOT physically be done.

If you could re-build your FRS radio to work duplex you could just as easily build a radio from scratch. It would be the same principle.

In frs radios we find chanels rx on 462 mhz and others on 467 mhz, if we can have channels to perform rx on 462 and tx 467 , it wuld do a perfect job for me, phisically it is a minor modificaiton, but want to know how, tk u for yur assistance

The moderator/owner of this site already indicated discussion of modifications to radios are forbidden. I suggest such discussion cease now.