mobile surveillance radio suggestions

Hi, what radios would anyone recommend for mobile surveillance? (ex: car to car, while walking in malls, office buildings, etc.)

I need a recommendation on high quality hand-held high power two way business radios. Any difference on voice quality with digital radios?

Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.

If you need something with high power, the 4 watt business radios would be the way to go. It sounds as if you will be using the radios both indoors and outdoors, so UHF is the way to go. We carry the Motorola AXU4100, Kenwood TK-3202, and BlackBox UHF. These models are fully programmable, so you could use them radio-to-radio or if the need for more range arises they could be programmed to work with a repeater. As far as voice clarity goes, the Motorola and Kenwood models are similar and are very good. The BlackBox is a less expensive radio, but the voice clarity is not quite as good.


you should get a radio that allows you to encrypt the channel. surveillance people need to not be seen or herd.