Midland XT511 Base Camp

I would like to know if anyone here owns or has used the Midland XT511. If so, how does it compare to other two-way FRS/GMRS radios with respect to sound quality, range, and durability. I rarely put form above function, but this radio has very nice form - that, I can see. What I’d like to know is how it performs.

I just bought this radio as it was the only model in my price range that was a base radio.

It is pretty small and kinda cheap looking (plastic, etc) but I have used it to communicate house to house with around an mile in between. The other end was a Motorola handheld

I am new to GMRS so I do not know alot about different radios. I am supposed to go camping this weekend (Hurricane Irene be ******!) so i wanted to test them out some more

It is designed to be light weight so it is easy to carry on hiking or camping trips to use as a base camp radio. It may be somewhat small and light, but it does a lot for a little radio.

I personally have an XT511 and it came in handy on several occasions, particularly during some of the nasty storms we had in NC earlier this year and subsequent power outages.

We reviewed it on The Two Way Radio Show in Episode 13 - Emergency and Weather Radios.