Midland vs. Motorola

I’ve used Motorola and Vertex Standard in my workplace, so I have experience with those two brands.

As far as a consumer radio for paintballing/hiking/camping, I am looking at purchasing either a set of Midland GTX710 or Motorola T8550R.

What are the pros and cons of owning/operating Midland vs. Motorola?

Any input would be appreciated.

One of our users, jwilkers, did a review of the Motorola T9500XLR and the Midland GXT850. You should check it out, as it may help with your decision. In his opinion, the Midland was more powerful but the Motorola was easier to use and had a slight edge in voice clarity.

The Midland GXT710 is just as powerful as the GXT850 that was reviewed, but it is missing the group mode features and it is not fully waterproof. The Motorola T8550 is not as powerful as the T9500, but the other features are the same and it adds a set of earbuds.

If range could be an issue for you, I would recommend the Midland’s. If you’re always going to be within a half mile or so of your party, then range shouldn’t be an issue with either radio and the Motorola’s may be a better choice.


Thanks for your input Danny. I was beginning to wonder if anyone would reply to the thread.

A little off topic, but have you heard any updates on TriSquare and when you will possibly carrying their items?

We are still waiting on them to ship from the manufacturer, and are expecting them to be here sometime next week.

I am definitely excited about the TriSquare products. If they work well I am sure they will be quite popular since they are digital and do not require a license. While the TriSquare products sound really great, we always like to test new products for ourselves instead of relying on the advertised claims of the manufacturers. When we get the products, we plan to do a limited test right away and I will be sure to post my impressions here.


I couldn’t find much information or reviews other than what TriSquare and Best Buy claims on their websites.

I ended up purchasing the Midland GTX850VP4. One of my friends and I had the opportunity to test the radios out today and they are fantastic. They are just what we were looking for, fits our needs, and the price was right.

Glad to hear that you are happy with the Midland 850’s. We’ve had lots of great feedback now on these new Midland models now, they’ve definitely done a great job with their product line this year.

I doubt you’re going to find any actual feedback on the TriSquare products yet, they’re VERY new at this point. We will be posting some detailed info as soon as we get them in.

Thanks for your feedback.