Midland volume *PLEASE HELP*

Unfortunately I found this forum after purchasing the GXT900’s for motorcycle use. I am experiencing the same headset volume issues as other users. After several unsuccessful and frustrating evenings spent searching for other Midland alternatives(need to use midland headsets since they are already permanently installed in our helmets) I have come to the conclusion that I really don’t want to purchase another radio unless I can CONFIRM that it wasn’t engineered with the same problem.

Does anyone out there have firsthand experience with the GXT900 and any other model better suited to headset use.

I ran into exactly the same problem with the midland 950’s there is another thread here that indicates the 800 series is the way to go to solve this problem. its still not a glowing review volume wise though even with the 800’s one guy wrote that there was a cobra model that worked… ill link to the thread in tne next post

here is the link to the thread with the midland headsets. i think i am going to try the cobras


hello i have the midland no prob with headsets but they are aviation headsets pretty expensive but very loud so maybe change ya headset ??