Midland Radio wont transmit

I have a set of midland radios and everything works when they are on low and medium power. When i switch to high power they will only transmit for 2 seconds, then they cut out. I can recieve from everyone else great. But i can barely get one word in at a time and it just stops transmiting. The TX display will only come on for that 2 seconds too. Why does it work fine on low and medium but not high power?

Sounds like weak batteries, the higher current drain of high power causes voltage to drop below operating point of radio.
Just a thought, long distance trouble shooting is really tough with limited info…

Batteries fully charged. The PTT button just kicks out. If the batteries are low it wont go into high power at all.

It does sound like a battery issue. What is the model?

The batteries have reached the end of their useful service life. Time to replace them. There is no way to “recover” a battery once it has reach this point.

Yeah… try the radios with AA cells… Bet they will work then.