Midland Radio new upgrade of MXT400 - out yet?

Midland has indicated that soon they would release a new version of the MTX400 in that it would have the higher power, yet have the control microphone unit similar to the MXT275. Personally I would like to have all the controls on the hand held mike, but I want the higher output of the current 400. The 275 is made in China :frowning: , but the others are too, most likely.

I have not seen anything announced on their YouTube channel and I was curious if anyone has heard anything. It sounds like the new unit would be worth waiting for.

Thanks for your time.

I’ve not been able to confirm anything, so I went ahead and ordered the Midlant MXT 275. If they come out with the new upgrade with more power, I’ll get that and put the 275 in one of the other cars.

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I have this radio in my wife’s car and it’s been great. We use it with an area repeater and have a wide coverage area where I’m able to talk to her out to about 15 miles on an HT from inside the home. Sweet. I too would order a higher wattage radio if they made one like this where everything was displayed on the mic.

I think in Late August Midland is coming out with a 50watt MXT. I assume that it is going to be the MXT500 . I also asked if Midland planned on coming out with a HT that would be a competitive model to the KG805G or similar radios. I didn’t get a clear answer. I have also heard rumors that indeed Midland was also going come out with a 50watt it will most likely be a MXT575.
Also another question I had was the new 50watt MXT going to be bandwidth selectable.
So I’m August we will find out . That’s why I am holding off on buying a MXT115. I’m not needing a 50 or 40 watt radio . 15-20 watts will do. I’m waiting to see if they update/upgrade the whole MXT line.
If they do that might bring down the price on the older MXT radios.
Hi everyone I’m also new to GMRS and radio in general.

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I have a MXT115 (actually two, one of which is in the hardened ammo can arrangement) and a Kg-1000g. Midland has taken a lot of flak for not having a fully programmable out of the box gmrs radio, so I’m really hoping this will be one.

I really like my Kg-1000g, but generally Midland’s are really user friendly and I’d not be adverse to getting one, potentially. My second Mxt115 is in my Jeep and I specifically bought that one again, in spite of the lack of split bands, etc., as I can take it in and out of the Jeep. Having said that, if a new Midland is more compact than the Wouxan, I"d be seriously tempted.

I received an email from Midland today. This new MXT500 retails for $399.99. That seems a bit high to me for basically 10 more watts. I have the 400 and have been very happy with it.
What do you guys think❓Is it worth the money❓And then their’s the Wouxun KG-1000G GMRS Base/Mobile Two Way Radio @ $369.99❗️
Would that be a better choice, regardless of the price difference❓
I think the 1000 has more going for it.

We posted an announcement and details about the MXT500 yesterday afternoon.
The new Midland MXT500 is here!

You will likely get a half dozen different answers based on individual interests and perspectives, which is good, but I’m going to throw this out there merely as an equalizer to avoid confusion.

It all comes down to what you really need. The MXT500 has a lot of attributes that make it an attractive upgrade to the MXT400, and it obviously lacks some features that the KG-1000G has, but what it comes down to is what fits you.

The MXT400 gets a lot of flak for its lack of features, but imho unfairly so, because it was designed at a time when GMRS wasn’t as widely utilized as it is now. It didn’t have a lot of bells and whistles because many GMRS operators didn’t need them at the time. Believe it or not, this is still the case for some.

The MXT500 just came out, and for all its upgrades, it’s still getting some criticism because apparently those improvements aren’t enough. Even the KG-1000G, for all its innovative functionality on the GMRS, still isn’t enough for some GMRS users. The truth of the matter is, no matter what comes next, it will never be enough, and there will always be someone who will put it down for that very reason.

We offer a variety of GMRS radios, both Midland and Wouxun, and we do it for a reason. Sure, we do think the KG-1000G is the top choice for GMRS, and we recommend it a lot, but we also realize that it may not be the best choice for everyone. If the radio you buy isn’t the best fit for your purpose, you’re going to want to send it back, and that doesn’t serve anyone, not you, and not us. That’s why we offer multiple choices, and why we don’t just sell radios, we sell the radios that fit you.

There are going to be some GMRS users who will say that you have to get this model, or the other one is no good because it doesn’t have this or it doesn’t do that. That may be true for them, but it isn’t necessarily true for you.

For instance, I work with many of these radios on a daily basis, as it’s what I do here. But when I’m using it at home for personal or family activities, that’s what I use it for. It’s not a hobby for me, it’s a utility, and although I may sometimes get on a local repeater or two for kicks, I primarily use my GMRS license for practical purposes. And I am not alone.

So to answer your questions fairly, If you have the MXT400 and you are happy with it, There is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all, because that is what works for you. If you want to upgrade to something with higher wattage, the Midland MXT500 and Wouxun KG-1000G are both a good choice, as they are both premium radios, and it really comes down to just a couple of considerations, purpose and price. If you are using it outdoors in the open and need something that is more compact and waterproof, go with the MXT500, as the higher price does deliver that perk. If you don’t need the extra waterproofing but want all the features, the KG-1000G is going to be the better value for the price.

Then again, if you don’t need the extra wattage but you do need both dust and water resistance and the premium features, there is yet another option that is a great value for the price, the Wouxun KG-XS20G. it is also quite compact and rugged, but has many of the high end features found in the KG-1000G, and more than the MXT500. Sure, it’s only 20 watts, but the extra power of the two big boys isn’t necessarily going to give you that much extra coverage, and you can compensate for a lot of that with a good, well positioned antenna.

Regardless of the price difference, imho, comparing all these models, the better choice is the one that you feel works best for you.

Rick, Many thanks for a very comprehensive comparison. I think a lot of readers will benefit from that information!
Now from a new owner standpoint, what do YOU think, like or dislike about the Midland MXT500❓
I think a lot of us would be very interested. I would be.

Personally? It seems like a decent GMRS mobile to me. I like having access to NOAA weather channels on a radio, and having direct access to it on the front panel like the KG-1000G and XS20G is definitely a plus. Also, I like the adjustable backlight color options on the display. I think the DIN plug is good, because it’s a more durable type of connector for the mic than an RJ45, which is another reason I also like the XS20G. I also think the USB-C port is a great feature. I’m sure many other GMRS users would disagree, but for what my family and I do with GMRS, it’s fine. The only downside to the MXT500 from my perspective is the price. It is a bit high. The XS20G is considerably less. If I was on a budget, I would probably go with the XS20G. The lower power and lack of a USB-C port isn’t that important to me.

I completely agree about an RJ45 connector on a mike cable. I have it on the MXT400, and thought it was a cheap Mickey Mouse solution. HOWEVER, I haven’t had any problems, so far. Bell Labs/ Western Electric invented and manufactured the whole RJ line of connectors. Apparently they thought it could survive the American public’s rough handling of their Bell telephones so maybe it’s a good choice. Only time will tell. The USB-C connector is definitely a +.
It may win out from a cosmetic point of view with the display colors, even though, that’s not what should count when buying a GMRS radio.
I’m anxious to see new owner comments about the MXT500 before deciding which one to buy.

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