Midland Radio new upgrade of MXT400 - out yet?

Midland has indicated that soon they would release a new version of the MTX400 in that it would have the higher power, yet have the control microphone unit similar to the MXT275. Personally I would like to have all the controls on the hand held mike, but I want the higher output of the current 400. The 275 is made in China :frowning: , but the others are too, most likely.

I have not seen anything announced on their YouTube channel and I was curious if anyone has heard anything. It sounds like the new unit would be worth waiting for.

Thanks for your time.

I’ve not been able to confirm anything, so I went ahead and ordered the Midlant MXT 275. If they come out with the new upgrade with more power, I’ll get that and put the 275 in one of the other cars.