Midland MXT275 using the included antenna❓

I just installed a new MXT275 in my vehicle. I did a temporary install of the included antenna primarily because of it’s appearance. However, I have some other Midland GMRS antennas, including a couple of Midland 6db antennas available.
Anyone out there using the included antenna, and are you happy with it❓
The included antenna uses a smaller diameter coax, which, will have increased loss. The length of this little antenna will provide no gain.
This will be in an urban/suburban environment.
Comments are welcome.

I’m confused? You have all the bits, so try them out - use what is best for you?

Maybe I wasn’t clear in my post. I PREFER the one that came packaged with the radio because of it’s appearance on the vehicle, BUT, at the same time, I don’t want to significantly reduce the radio’s reception capability. THAT’S why I was asking for other MXT275 owner’s thoughts and experiences? The included antenna’s coax is a major concern because of it’s potential db loss.
I thought that was a reasonable question to ask.
Apparently not.

No need to get snarky! I didn’t understand - I’m really sorry, but I’ll leave you to choose the best looking solution. The short length of thinner feeder is pretty normal for mag mounts and clip ons - and has minimal impact because it’s likely to be less than a dB or so and not like running 30ft or more where feeder loss is important. With vehicles, external antennas are rarely worse performing - and it’s not really got much to do with different models and brands. Inside antennas are compromised unless it’s a fibreglass car. So I strongly suggest you spend a few minutes and try them - you will immediately know. You did say comments are welcome - clearly my mind reading skills are on the wane. Best wishes, and I hope it works for you.

Many thanks for the information you provided! As a retired Broadcast Engineer, I’m just not familiar with the mobile 2 way radio world.

I do wish these 2 way radio manufacturers such as Midland, would include a Bluetooth chip in them so that they could easily connect to a car’s entertainment system. I’m going to connect an external Bluetooth adapter to the MXT275 just to hear how it sounds thru the cars’s Bose sound system.
Thanks again😀

One of my radios has a Bluetooth gizmo for headphones. I was really disappointed in the audio quality through a decent system. It was harder to understand not as I expected, easier. I guess there is simply nothing much below 1k and nothing above 4K to listen to. Let us know how it goes. I don’t understand Bluetooth limits? Would controlling a typical two way by functions be possible?