Midland MXT100 Mobile GMRS Radio Sneak Preview

This is a video preview of the new Midland MXT100 due for release in July 2015. Get a close look at this micro mobile radio and its features. The Display Flip Function is very cool.

Midland MXT100 Micro Mobile GMRS Radio Preview video

I really like this radio and want to pull the trigger on one for my UTV for hunting. But does anyone know of a similar product in GMRS/FRS with NOAA? I really want weather too but I cannot seem to find such a unit. Any ideas?

There have been numerous requests for both NOAA and repeater channels on the MXT100. Perhaps Midland will offer one in the future. For now, the MXT100 is the only GMRS mobile in production that we know of.

Having repeater channels on the MXT100 would have been nice.

I just received mine a few days ago and based on size and functionality it should work perfectly for me. I an looking for a portable antenna so I can move the radio from my truck to my ATV. I went to radio shack and they were not much help. The sold me an 800 MHz antenna. The radio gets hot which makes me wonder if this was not the right option. Suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks in advance.

An 800MHz antenna will not work. The MXT100 is a GMRS radio and operates between 462.5625 and 462.7250 MHz. You will need a UHF antenna that operates on 70cm in the 450-470MHz range.

A new Midland MXT100 includes a portable mag mount antenna. Did you not receive one?

It did but I am looking for a portable antenna so I can put it on my ATV. I was looking for something like a rubber duck antenna.

Most rubber duck antennas are specifically designed for handheld portable radios, so the connectors will usually be limited to SMA, BNC or similar. We do carry a whip antenna for portables with a PL-259 (UHF male) connector that would fit the MXT100, but it hasn’t been tested for this radio. It is the Nagoya NL-R2 2m/70cm Dual Band Mobile Antenna (PL-259).

It is intended for use with backpack radios like the Leixen VV-898P and VV-898SP, but it does cover the range of GMRS frequencies on 70cm.

I have never heard of the Leixen radios, but I assume it is FCC type accepted or you wouldn’t sell it. Personally I would spend $50 more on it and get a 25 watt radio instead of the 5 watt Midland which is basically a mobile mounted portable.

The Leixen radios are Part 90 certified. They are NOT Part 95 certified, therefore cannot be used on GMRS.

To clarify, technically speaking, the NL-R2 antenna should be able to cover GMRS frequencies, although it has not been tested on the MXT100.

The Leixen radios are approved for use as an amateur or business radio, and are not type accepted for use on the GMRS.