Midland mxt 115 microphone sounda low

I have a two way walkie that I?m communicating with when I talk with the midland it seems very low. Is there a reason why this is happening. Also is there any way to get a higher quality microphone for midland or do they have to be a midland microphone.

It’s almost certainly nothing to do with the microphone. The issue is likely to be deviation - an internal adjustment of the movement away from the centre frequency when you speak. The audio is carried in this way, and in FM systems, too much deviation spills into the channels next door, and too little means the noise on the system is higher. With these types of radio, only intended for shorter ranges, and often sold in packs - all that matters is that all the radios are set the same. All will then be well. When you mix makes, you could find you hear other people’s radios VERY loud and maybe even a bit distorted, the other way around you will be too quiet. In the UK and US, maximum deviation is part of the radio specifications, but if a manufacturer goes a bit lower, that’s fine - and some do. Somebody with some test gear may be able to pull them apart and tweak them, but cost wise - many of these radios are just too cheap to be worth aligning properly. The test is simple. Shout. If this produces more volume at the other end, then a different mic will help, but if shouting makes no difference then swapping the mic won’t help as the radio has a limiter built in.

For clarification, what are the other radios you are using with the MXT115?

As far as using other hand mics, it’s an interesting question. Although there are other mobile hand mics with the same or similar connector, the pinouts on the Midland mic connector may or may not be proprietary, so I don’t know if an after market mobile hand mic would work or not.

The other radio is motorola T460. The midland is brand new…