Midland LXT440 VP 3...features & alternate models....

I was just about to purchase these because they have most of the features I was looking for in a 2-way.

The one additional feature I would like is “vibrate” mode, but it is unclear if this radio has it. Anyone know for sure?

Do these charges turn off when charged? If not, can the battteries be damaged by overcharge?

Any suggestions for alternate models or brands in the $45 (shipped) price range with all thee features?


Unfortunately the Midland LXT440 does not have a vibrate alert. With Midland, the lowest priced model with vibrate is the GXT710VP3.

I do not believe that any of the consumer grade FRS/GMRS radios have a charger that will shut off when the battery is fully charged. Overcharging can shorten the life of NiMH and especially NiCD batteries. Lithium batteries do not have a memory, so overcharging doesn’t hurt them.

Cobra is the only manufacturer that is offering lithium batteries with GMRS/FRS radios. The Cobra LI-4900 may be a good choice for you. It is $50, which is a little outside your price range, but it does have a vibrate alert and with lithium batteries you won’t run into a charging problem.


Great report Danny

If I may add another observation that I made between the two brands that you mentioned,

The older Cobra model that I have has a lower charging current setting then my newer Midland model. Although the initial charge time is a few hours longer for the Cobra, the charge may be left on continually without damage to the batteries according to the manufacture unlike that of the Midland that recommend removing the charge after the charge time has elapsed.

Another feature that I like about the Cobra is the memory. Aside from the intended use of the ten memories, all settings will remain even if the batteries are removed from the units for an extended time. With the Cobra units even if the units are run dead, as soon as the recharge is compleated, ALL settings remain as they were.

That memory feature is not on the Midlands so whenever the power is removed from the unit, even momentarily, every setting must be re-programmed again.

Looks like I would lose the Weather Alert by going with the Cobra, but the battery & charger improvement over the Midland might be a better option?

The Cobra model PR3850-2 WX EVP that I have is an older version of the model you are looking at currently and my Midland GXT710VP9 is also in the same family.

I have compared both of them next to one another and in no range tests did the Midland do as well as the Cobra. Both the receiver and the transmitter are better in the Cobra model.

The 5 watt rating on the Midland is misunderstood as the manufacture in my opinion wants the reader to think that the unit has a 5 watt transmitter when in fact the words on the packaging is “5 Watt Range Performance”

My Cobra does has a higher measured R.F. output power on 3 different meters over that of the Midland. The Cobra also has a signal strength meter that feature is not on the Midland unit.

Aside from some cosmetic (mechanical) differences that would be subjective to the user, the Cobra does the communicating function much better with every test I did having both units at the same locations and with comparisons done with high powered base GMRS units to the hand held units under test.

Both of my Cobra and both Midland units under testing performed essentially the same within the same brand.

Your mileage may very.

Thanks Danny & Mike…I read the thread about “mfg. claims” for range, but thought the Midland had a better output than Cobra.

Looks like Mike’s “real world” tests might be more reliable.

When I first started experimenting with the bubble pack Cobra that I initially had, I also thought that the Midland would be a higher powered unit and that was the reason that I wanted to get a better unit for comparisons.

However after finding out that they were not in fact better then the Cobra units, (not as good) with the range issue, I never made any report back on this board concerning this issue.

BTW the models GXT710/735/750 Series have the same PCB electronics, only the ROM’s have different programming for software driven feature differences.

Thanks…got a deal on the Cobra LI 6500 so went for it. Will arrive tomorrow. I’m sure they will be fine for what I need & hopefully some extra’s I will learn to like.

The battery, charger no over-charging & weather were the deciding features.

The Lithium Ion batteries have to have a smart charger… consequences of an overcharge for those could be rather…inconvenient.